Oat Seed:

Schmidt Farms of Auburn, LLC offers the following white oat varieties for 2020 spring planting:

All of our oat seed is de-bearded, precision cleaned, treated with Wardin Cereals II and packaged in 2 bushel bags.  50 bushel tote bags are also available upon request. 

Retail price for the 2020 season is $10.50 per bushel.


2018 East Lansing Oat Yields (MSU data):

Variety: Origin: Yield (bushel/ac)
Badger University of Wisconsin 103.5
Esker (yellow) University of Wisconsin 101.1
Antigo University of Purdue 128.9
Hayden South Dakota State 128.7
Ida Michigan State University 145.4
Ogle (yellow) University of Illinois 114.2
Horsepower South Dakota State 106.5


Varietal Characteristics


Grain Color

Test Weight Plant Height Straw Strength Maturity Crown Rust BYD Virus
Esker Yellow Good Medium Good Mid Season R R
Robust White/tan Good Medium Very Good Early R R
Ida White Good Medium Good Early MR R
Newdak White Fair Medium Very Good Med Early MR MR
Prairie Tan Fair Medium Very Good Mid Season MR R
Ogle Yellow Fair Short Excellent Early R R

Key:  S = Susceptible, MS = Moderately Susceptible, MR = Moderately Resistance, R = Resistant

Information Source: Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan