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Certified BLACK BEAN Seed..............                                                                    

Zorro and Zenith are upright black dry bean varieties from Michigan State University. Both Zorro and Zenith are high-yielding, midseason-maturing varieties with an upright, short-vine growth habit and excellent canning quality. Zorro is resistant to strains of bean anthracnose, rust and bean common mosaic virus in Michigan and is partially resistant to common bacterial blight. Zorro most closely resembles Jaguar in plant appearance but is more vigorous and higher yielding and has good canning quality and enhanced disease resistance to common bacterial blight.  Zenith shares all the disease resistance properties as Zorro's and also has resistance to anthracnose. 

Agronomic Information:

Jim Palmer

• High-yielding, upright black bean variety with resistance to lodging.

• Erect, short-vine growth habit suitable for direct harvest.

• Matures in 95 days, four days earlier than Shania and Black Velvet.

• Uniform maturity and excellent dry-down.

• Similar in seed size and shape to T-39.

• Good canning quality and color retention after cooking.

• Better resistance to lodging (<2) than T-39 .

• Plants average 21 inches in height.


Quality Characteristics:

Zorro and Zenith has a typical small, opaque black bean seed averaging about 1850 to 2000 seeds per pound. 

The seed is equivalent to T-39 in size, shape and color.


Michigan Certified Zenith & Zorro Black Bean Seed is available from Schmidt Farms of Auburn LLC for 2021 planting.  All seed is precision processed and treated with Cruiser Maxx®.  Seed is currently priced at $50.00 per 100K seed count unit.

Western grown certified Zorro and Zenith black bean seed is sold out for this season.  Western seed was priced at $50.00 per 100K seed count unit plus shipping. Western seed is treated with Maxum, Apron, Vibrance and Rancona.