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non-GMO Soybean Seed:

Schmidt Farms of Auburn offers WS 2702 conventional soybean seed for spring 2017 planting. 

WS 2702 Soybean Seed:

Maturity:    2.7 Standability:   1.3 Iron Chlorosis:   2.5
Plant Type:  Semi bush Emergence Score:  1.2 Phy Tolerance  1.8
Plant Height:  Tall Row Width:  All Phy. Resistance:  None
Seeds per pound:  2400 Soil Types:  All BSR Tolerance:  NA
Flower Color:  Purple Cold Soil:  1.2 SCN Resistance:  PI8788
Pubescence Color:  Gray No-Till Adaptability:  1.1 White Mold:  NA
Pod Color:  Brown Heat/Drought Tolerance:  1.1 SDS Tolerance:  NA
Hilum Color:  Buff    

Our conventional soybean seed is field inspected, lab tested and precision cleaned to insure the highest quality product goes into each bag. 

Pricing:  $25.00 per 50# unit.  Includes early order and early pay discounts. 

2000# totes bags are available as a special order.